Competition - The Future of the Conservatory

Top prize: £1,000 & an iPad

+ an architect interview, published on our website

2nd prize £500 & an iPad Mini

+ an architect interview, published on our website

Runners up prizes of £250


The David Salisbury 'Future of the Conservatory'
Design Competition - Short List

Due to the high level of interest, this will now be an annual event and
we will announce the next competition in September.

The short list below is in no particular order and will be judged by Oliver Heath.
The winners are to be announced on 4th August.
Each entry is accompanied by an extract from the narrative provided by the entrant.

Ellipsoid conservatory - Boris Hermann

The Ellipsoid conservatory opens new ways to perceive space by users and to embellish their living environment."

Ellipsoidal Conservatory
 Ameliorate - Aaron Mark Loomans

"Ameliorate seeks to challenge the preconceived idea of a conservatory by redefining its form and experience."

The Accordion - Srdjan Prcovic

"The four solid tin embedded frames of the construction mimic the traditional house sections, a move that boldly fuses the conservatory to any house type."

The Accordion
Kahon 22 - Christian Andro Madrogaba

"The conservatory of the future will stand not only as an accessory but also as an extension of the habitat."

Kahon 22
The Future of the Conservatory - James Furzer

"The Beauty of this concept is the minimal construction needed, small footings for the steel posts, along with potentially a ground slab for the conservatory base."

The future of the conservatory
Simple Elegant Refined Conservatory - Jacob Thompson

"This design goes against the flow of conventional present day conservatories in several ways. The most noticeable of these is the limited amount of glass present......"

Elegant Structure
Collectiv' Eau - Kiriakos Polizogopoulos

"The two elements of construction, designed with simplicity in mind, simulate the sense of a hill with a tree on its top providing shade."

Connecting Past and Future - Agnieszka Olszewska

"The project of the future conservatory is inspired with the traditional rectangular shape. The future is shown by using new technologies such as green roof systems and solar panels."

Conservatory past and future
The Four Phase Conservatory - William Shields

"The concept of the Four Phase Conservatory is that the whole unit can be opened up, so in the warmer months it can be come very airy."

Four Phase Conservatory

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