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Timbmet’s exclusive and environmentally friendly Red Grandis hardwood offers a sophisticated yet cost effective product for discerning customers

The 800 doors and windows for one of the most exclusive residential developments in central London, The Lancasters in Hyde Park, began life in Urufor's 64,000-acre Eucalyptus grandis plantation in Uruguay. Selecting the materials presented specialist joiner and manufacturer George Barnsdale Sons with some interesting challenges. However, technical and project director Steve Dixon knew that Timbmet's exclusive supply of Uruguayan Red Grandis would meet the exact specification for the development. He explains: "The project’s architects specified Forest Stewardship Council® certified hardwood timber and because The Lancasters is a listed development, we had to seriously consider the aesthetics as well as performance, stability and natural durability." Timbmet's unique, plantation-grown and engineered Red Grandis is FSC® certified, and has also undergone third-party testing by TRADA Technology Ltd,achieving great results for natural durability and resistance to fungi - key for long-term performance.The plantation has been FSC certified since 2001. The forests are carefully managed, with only the strongest seedlings selected. Intensive pruning is carried out to avoid knots,

Pruning the tree
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 and saplings are thinned to enable the trees to reach significant diameters. Once sawn and graded, Timbmet’s Red Grandis is engineered in Urufor’s manufacturing plant.The resulting Timbmet Engineered Components (TEC) are highly engineered wood products with many applications which offer real strength and extraordinary efficiency. They also retain and enhance the beauty and appeal of natural wood with finger-jointing technology, wood veneers, advanced adhesives and substrates such as laminated veneer lumber (LVL), aluminium and plastic - providing perfect solutions for discerning customers. The products’ multi-layer construction offers much more stability than traditional solid timber components. As the wood is made to measure and faster to manufacture, wastage is cut by 30% compared with sawn timber, with lower associated costs. It also has a uniform appearance and offers enhanced performance. The results speak for themselves, according to

Red Grandis TEC products retain and enhance the beauty and appeal of natural wood

Matthew Flamencourt, production director of David Salisbury Conservatories, which makes some of the finest bespoke conservatories andorangeries in the UK. "Red Grandis is a high-quality, knot-free, uniform timber that lends itself well to a variety of styles and shades, and its consistent colour means that a wood stain can be applied to achieve a specific shade. It's easy to machine and shape, and because all lengths are identical there is less waste and reduced production time, as well as giving a much better finish overall - great for us and great for the customer. "Timbmet's continuity of supply of engineered timber is crucial, says George Barnsdale Sons' Steve Dixon. "Timbmet is one of the few suppliers in the country that stocks engineered product," he explains. "I can’t stress how much easier that makes everything for our business,

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  especially as we simply don't have the yard capacity to stock the volume of timber and range of sizes we need. It's vital to our success that we get a good supply of the right quantities and sizes to keep our projects going, and Timbmet has done just that with Red Grandis."

Natural and versatile

Plantation-grown Red Grandis (Eucalyptus Grandis), sourced through Urufor in Uruguay, is exclusively available from Timbmet as an engineered timber or as a sawn hardwood. It is an FSC certified, high-grade clear timber with superior consistency in colour, appearance, grain and workability. Used in furniture, cabinets, mouldings and within the window and door frame industry, Red Grandis can be finished to resemble other species, such as oak and meranti. Red Grandis has natural durability to fungi and has completed independent, third-party tests, conducted in the UK by the Timber Research and Development Association, achieving Durability Class 2 to 3 durable to moderately durable. (01865 8622223) (01775 823016) (01278 764 444)